Personal Information



Emilia is a second year graduate student in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is currently working with Benjamin Mako Hill researching patterns of project creation and sharing by users of the Scratch programming platform. Emilia is interested in how people learn to program and the factors that motivate or dissuade people from aspiring to computationally intensive studies or careers. One of Emilia's goals is to encourage people to engage with the technologies they encouter daily on a deeper level -- for example, by learning the basics of coding or setting up a personal webpage. Before starting graduate studies in computer science, Emilia taught computer science at South Seattle College. Once she completes her required coursework, Emilia hopes to work with undergraduates again as a graduate research mentor.

University of Washington


Emilia is working towards a PhD in computer science. To date, coursework completed includes:
  • CSE 564: Computer Security & Privacy (current quarter)
  • HCDE 548: Advanced Topics in Human-Centered Design & Engineering (current quarter)
  • CSE 573: Artificial Intelligence
  • CSE 510: Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction
  • COM 521: Advanced Statistics in Communication
  • CSE 599: Computer Science for Social Good: 3D Printing
  • CSE 527: Computational Biology